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Orange Ceramic Mini Pot Necklace


Small handmade ceramic clay pot made from red clay, hand glazed and fired to perfection. Great for storing small items, using as a memorial urn, or carrying essential oils. These make unique looking aromatherapy necklaces and can hold enough oil to last you all day. Any areas not covered by glaze, such as the inside, will hold oils for a longer period of time. Comes with a black cord with a magnetic clasp.

Country of Origin: Canada
Materials: ceramic, glaze, cord, magnets (clasp)
Measurements: 1” pot length, 32” chain
Condition: New

Note: There may be areas where glaze is not perfect since these are created and glazed by hand. Please see images for exact representation and remember, these are one of a kind pendants!

Unavailable The Carrie-Anne Collection