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Why Buy?

In a world of bulk cookie cutter products, its important to remember why you should buy unique products.  

Why Buy Vintage Jewelry?

When you buy vintage jewelry you are buying a piece of history.  Vintage jewelry pieces not only have great craftsmanship, they hold so many stories.  When you buy a vintage piece of jewelry you are continuing its story by adding your own.

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Today there are many mass produced products which results in everyone looking the same.  Here at From Our Hands Jewelry we want to celebrate your uniqueness!  Buying unique handmade jewelry allows the artists who create them to continue doing what they love.  You can also be assured that your handmade jewelry item will be truly one of a kind!

Why Buy Fair Trade Jewelry?

Living in American can make it hard to remember that there are still many countries in the world where people struggle to make a living.  Fair Trade companies are those that work directly with the artisans of these countries to help them make a sustainable living.  When you purchase fair trade jewelry from us you are directly benefiting an artisan in need.  You are also getting a unique handmade jewelry item that is usually inspired by the artisans’ cultures and designs.

Why Buy Repurposed Jewelry?

One of the things we try to support here at From Our Hands Jewelry is being environmentally sustainable.  We try everything we can do reduce our impact on the environment. Our shipping is eco-friendly and even our business cards handmade with seed paper!  We like to repurpose jewelry pieces we find that are unique, but not necessarily vintage so that they can also find a new life.  Everything was new at one time, and with a little TLC from us we make the unique contemporary jewelry we find into pieces that you can pass down in your family.