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Artist Stories

Handmade Artists

Each of our artists has a unique story of how they fell in love with jewelry and decided to create their own unique handmade jewelry creations.  See their stories below and then go check out their amazing collections!


"I believe my jewelry doesn’t just allow people
to wear bright and attractive pieces, but also
allows them to show off their inner freedom
and extraordinary character."

Learn more about Katerina here.

2 Jovana
"Jewelry is that perfect addition that complements
and emphasizes what’s already there."

Learn more about Jovana here.

"I want people to feel special in my jewelry,
knowing that no one else has that exact same piece."

Learn more about Tara here.

"We should always wear pieces that mean
something to us and make us feel like
the rock stars we are!"

Learn more about Jessica here.

Carrie Anne
"I want people to feel like they are wearing a piece
of art, that they are unique and creative."

Learn more about Carrie-Anne here.

Erlane is a single parent working hard to take care
of his two children-Maycon and Ana Caroliny. He
crafts fair trade golden grass jewelry.

Joelma lives in a government housing project with
her daughter, Loranny. She is a single mom and
crafts fair trade golden grass jewelry.

Raimunda lives along with her husband, Maracir.
She is a gentle woman who quietly makes beautiful
fair trade golden grass earrings.

Dayanne (on the left) lives with her husband Acioli,
and their four year old child, Heitor. Your purchase
of her fair trade golden grass jewelry is helping
them escape the poverty that has entrapped their
family for generations.

Ma da Paz
Deusirene and Ma da Paz work together to create
fair trade golden grass jewelry. Deusirene has 4
children and is married to Anderson. Ma da Paz is
a single mom with 2 children.

Talent and hard work are readily apparent in each
fair trade golden grass necklace crafted by
Mariquita. Your purchase is helping her escape poverty.