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Our Vision and Mission

We like having goals to work toward, but also sharing those goals with the people who are going to help us achieve them.  You have the right to know just what you are supporting with each of your purchases.


Our vision is simple.  Create a business that offers unique products to our customers that help them express their individuality.  We want to create a place customers feel comfortable and know they can find something none of their friends has.  Quality it something that has been lost due to large companies seeking mass produced, cheap products.  Our vision focuses on quality rather than quantity.

Our products are as unique as the people who create them.  We have everything from jewelry to household goods.  Our goal is to be able to share the unique creations of artisans from across the world in one place easily reachable by everyone. We are a company that wants to support people who are doing something they love by sharing their creativeness with the world.  And we want to help our customers showcase their individuality by wearing or using our products.  We don't sell mass produced items.  We sell items that are unique and one-of-kind just like our customers.

We are a company that supports people doing what they want to do so we can all do what we want to do.


        "To provide quality unique goods alongside outstanding customer service to our customers so they can express their individuality."

Our missions is to provide customers with a respectful experience and all the products they need to express their individuality.  We don't offer the same things you can walk into Forever 21 or Claire's and find.  We offer unique items that share customers interests and helps them stand out from the crowd.  We act as an expert in our industry providing not only the products our customers want, but the knowledge and guidance customers look for.