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"Jewelry is that perfect addition that complements and emphasizes what’s already there."

Where are you from?

I am from Serbia, a country in South-Eastern Europe. It is a small, but lovely and friendly country that has a rich culture and a long history.

When did you first start making jewelry?

The flame of creativity has always burned inside of me and kept me busy. Since I was little, I have constantly been creating. I started making this particular type of jewelry in 2015.

What inspired you to make jewelry?

The making of every single item is pure enjoyment for me. From the very beginning of the idea, through the entire process of making the piece, and taking photos of the items – I take pleasure in every step. I find inspiration literally everywhere around me! But the beauty of nature and its perfect imperfection is what inspires me most. Things embedded in resin are forever preserved and have an eternal life.

What material or techniques do you use to make your pieces?

I mainly use resin. Embedding flowers and any other thing you can think of, in resin or plastic, is actually an old idea. Resin as a material gives you a lot of possibilities, and when you master the technique you can use almost anything you want!

Why do you think your pieces help people show off their individualism?

Because the clients can be involved in the process of making the jewelry. They put their own personal touch on each piece. They decide what they want to be preserved and they can wear whatever inspires them wherever they go. The content inside the resin is visible but untouchable leaving it preserved in perfection forever for them to enjoy.  

What do you want people to feel who wear your pieces?

I would like people who wear my pieces to feel special and unique because they really are! There are no two pieces that can be exactly the same. Memories or important things for us are taken and proudly shown to the world. I want them to feel happy when wearing a tiny portion of our beautiful world inside a wearable keepsake.

What are your future ideas or plans for your designs?

I am always looking for ways to improve myself, my skills, and my technique. I’m really focused on combining things that are not usually put together.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make?

Definitely, my favorite piece of jewelry is that next piece, which is in the silicon mold waiting to be seen and admired.

What is your favorite quote about jewelry or being unique and why?

One of my favorite quotes is “Greatness on the outside begins within”.  To me, it means that it is what`s inside that counts and jewelry is that perfect addition that complements and emphasizes what’s already there. For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive and it is a kind of biography which describes and represents many chapters of somebody’s life. I also like to follow the idea that “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry” when creating my pieces for other’s enjoyment.

You can see Jovana's collection here.