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"I want people to feel like they are wearing a piece of art, that they are unique and creative."

Where are you from?

I am from Victoria, BC Canada.  I live on Vancouver Island.

When did you first start making jewelry?

I have been throwing pottery since I was 15 years old and in high school.

What inspired you to make jewelry?

When I made these little pots, I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I just enjoyed making miniatures, the challenge to see how small I could throw.  Clay has always been my inspiration - I love the wheel!

What material or techniques do you use to make your pieces?

I use a low fire clay to throw on the potter's wheel.  Each one is separately thrown from a tiny ball of clay.  Rather than the typical way to throw - using the arms and full hand, I use my fingers mostly.  I have very strong fingers! And very short nails.

Why do you think your pieces help people show off their individualism?

Since every pot is made individually, I cannot replicate pots.  The firing process also makes every pot unique - sometimes you have minor imperfections (which are my favorite), or interesting patterns for example.  The glazes can also vary from firing to firing.

What do you want people to feel who wear your pieces?

I want people to feel like they are wearing a piece of art, that they are unique and creative.  If a bright yellow little pot provides a mood lift, that is fantastic!

What are your future ideas or plans for your designs?

That is a good question.  I would love to get back into doing raku for these little pots.  The process of raku is very unpredictable, which is the fun part.  It's like opening a gift when I open the kiln.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make?

Random color mixes are great.  I love to experiment with overlaying various glazes to see what happens.

What is your favorite quote about jewelry or being unique and why?

Edward Young said "We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies?" I love this quote, it is such a great reminder to me that being unique and true to myself is critical to being happy and content.  It related very much to me as an artist and designer.

You can see Carrie-Anne's collection here.