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Company History


From Our Hands Jewelry and Such started out as a broke college student’s dream. I knew the day I graduated college I wanted to start a business.  The problem? I didn’t know what I wanted to sell.  It took quite a few years (and jobs) to come back to my love of jewelry.

I have worked in a vintage jewelry shop in Gettysburg, PA for over 7 years and found an immediate love for the craftsmanship and stories jewelry could tell.  After working multiple jobs, I decided I needed to get out from behind the desk and create something I could call my own.

From Our Hands Jewelry and Such is a business that isn’t focused on me.  It’s focused on you.  We are all individuals and my hope is that with my fair trade, handmade, repurposed, and vintage jewelry you can show off the things that make you an individual, whatever that means to you.  

I’m not here to judge if you’re stylish, or if your jewelry is “trendy”, or if what you wear is acceptable by society’s standards (and let's face it, society is a fickle b****).  I’m here to help you be the unique wonderful person you are through my unique handmade jewelry pieces.


My dream is to bring to you all the wonderful, unique jewelry of this world in the hopes that you will find something that equals your own uniqueness. In that pursuit, there are a few things that I have chose to focus my business on and that your purchases help support:

Eco-friendliness: We try to include eco-friendly products wherever possible in our business operations.  As an online store we have a great start to reducing our footprint on the world, but we seek to constantly improve our effect on the environment.

Fair Trade: We look to help arts around the world and that include those that need our help the most in developing countries.  We include wonderfully handmade jewelry pieces in our collections to help artists make a better life for themselves.

Recycle/Repurposed: Along side our effort to make our business operations eco-friendly, we also try to recycle and repurpose items as we can.  This doesn't mean sending your items in a reused envelope, but through small steps sometime behind the scenes we try to recycle and repurpose when we can.

Small Business: Being a small business we understand how hard it is to start something from scratch.  When possible, and sometimes at a higher cost, we choose small business products over large corporations.  We would rather have a few handmade quality items than a million cheap mass produces ones. 

Owner Bio

Now a little bit about me!

My name is Savanna and I live near Gettysburg, PA.  I have always been a DIY-er and would consider myself a creative person; I love making things!  People who know me usually call me a hippy because of my love for nature and natural lifestyle choices...and I occasionally hug trees.  

I have a Marketing Degree from Shippensburg University and have held several jobs in small businesses in varying industries since I graduated providing marketing and customer service.  My life goal is to one day buy a large plot of land in the West and homestead my family while continuing my business. That is what freedom looks like to me and all my efforts are put toward that end goal.  

So take a look around and hopefully find something you love to support the artists of our products.  Don't know where to start? I'd try our collection by a wonderful stain glass artist Kate Sho.

From Our Hands Business Owner