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Jun 12, 2017

What Would They Wear: Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of those famous historic women that all of us girls want to be! She was smart, she was sexy, and she captured the hearts of many of men during her time.  As a young girl, I used to looks through tons of pictures of what Hollywood thought she would have looked like and dreamed of being as bold as she was. Now that I am older, it's obvious that a little bit of myth and Hollywood glam was added to those outfits, but they still inspire me!

I love taking famous people like Cleopatra and fitting her fashion sense into modern day styles.  Based off historians descriptions of her, I tried to find some modern jewelry I think Cleopatra would have worn.

First off, let's look at the things she is said to have worn.  She traveled between Egypt and Rome a lot and wore the styles of both places, but I focused on her Egyptian fashion sense because that is most exotic to me!

  • Often depicted as wearing large flat, circular neck pieces in statues and artwork
  • Her makeup everyday wear was long eye kat with bright green lids
  • Said she was reincarnation of Isis which meant a lot of red, yellow, blue and ankh/isis symbols
  • Known for sex appeal and romantic relationships (although she was not considered a great beauty of the time)
  • Liked coiled snake bracelets around arms and biceps with semi-precious stones
  • Wore a lot of jewelry and sheer dresses in Egypt
  • Loved pearls which she wore on everything from jewelry to her sandals
  • Wore patterned henna on her hands

Now onto the fun part!  I looked through Etsy to find some vintage and handmade pieces I thought captured the essence of Cleopatra. These are not your traditional Egyptian looking pieces;well I might have thrown a few in there!  I wanted to capture jewelry that she would have worn in everyday wear.

We don’t really wear large flat necklaces anymore like what would have been fashionable during Cleopatra’s time, however I did find a few like the ones below that are similar in style.  What I like about this one is that there are so many colors so you could wear it as a real statement piece with a simple outfit.

Handmade Rainbow Statement Necklace


Going off Cleopatra’s love of pearls, this ombre pearl statement necklace would surely be up her alley! I love the artistic take on the simple pearl necklace.  This would look great with a little black dress that has a scoop collar.

Handmade Pearl Statement Necklace


Cleopatra also had a love of snakes, specifically those coiled type bracelets she could wear as a bracelet or on her bicep.  This rhinestone bedazzled bracelet has everything she loved with a modern day crystal twist!

Handmade Rhinestone Snake Bracelet


I just love how unique this piece is! It’s what I would call a statement brooch.  There are 2 snake head pins connected forming a large “U”. It's like wearing a statement necklace, but in pin.  It definitely looks like something Cleopatra would have fallen in love with.

Handmade Snake Pin 


Cleopatra was seen wearing henna on her hands in different patterns which gave me the idea of  a slave bracelet as something she might have chosen for a modern day outfit.  While she could wear henna with modern wear, I think a slave bracelet is the best of both worlds and would have given her versatility with different outfits.

Handmade Slave Bracelet 


What I really like about doing this is that I feel like I can be like Cleopatra without having to wear a Halloween outfit!

Would you wear any of these in your everyday wear?


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