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Jun 05, 2017

What Would They Wear: Black Widow from Into the Badlands

We may have recently become a little obsessed with the show Into the Badlands because of the story and the fashion! There isn’t a whole lot of jewelry worn by the characters (we are assuming because it's an apocalyptic type setting), but there is one character in particular that we see wearing some amazing pieces.

Baroness Black Widow certainly knows how to up her outfits with some beautiful pieces.  Her overall style is Victorian meets rocker and we love it!  She is a fighter and her jewelry and clothing are suited for that profession; very tight fitting and intimidating!

The first time we meet the Black Widow, she is wearing a semi long black spike pendant encased in gold.  This girl means business!  It's a simple piece, but draws attention because of her low, low...low cut tops.  It almost looks like a tooth or talon of some kind and really makes you wonder if it's not from some giant animal she killed herself!

Black Widow Into the Badlands

This wide rhinestone choker she started sporting in the new season is stunning!  We love the layers upon layers of rhinestones.  The varying sizes of the stones keep things interesting and the choker style will work with just about any cut top.  Almost makes you forget how deadly she is.

Black Widow Into the Badlands

When we saw this promo shot we might have let out a little squeal.  How badass does Black Widow look in this picture!  Aside from the amazing fur and beaded tassels on her shirt, we simply love the hair pins she has in her hair!  This look is definitely more formal for the Black Widow and we totally dig it.

Black Widow Into the Badlands

Now we have picked out a few handmade pieces of jewelry that we might have been able to get the Black Widow to wear! Our first choice is a black collar style necklace we really think she could pull off.  She usually wears some type of dress or skirt with a wide opening around her chest so you could definitely see it and it fits her Victorian style.

We noticed Black Widow likes to wear tight jewelry allowing her to fight if needed (and we know she like to fight!) so this tight fitting collar would be perfect!

Handmade Black Victorian Collar


We were really hoping to find a pin version of this, but you get the idea.  Because Black Widow has such a Victorian influenced style, we thought the perfect addition to one of her outfits would be a cameo!  They were very popular during Victorian times and it would just add more elegance to her outfits. We think she would perfect a pin over a necklace and of course, she would want a black widow!

Handmade Spider Cameo


We are hoping Black Widow keeps killing it, literally, in the new season with both her style and her sword!

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