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Jun 28, 2017

Our Favorite DIY Projects to Get Beach Ready

We can’t wait to get to the beach this year, but first we need to get ourselves ready!  There are so many DIY projects that will make your time at the beach more fun and make you look great too!  We picked just a few projects we think will make you rock your next beach day.

Bejeweled sunglasses

Handmade DIY Flower Sunglasses


We love dressing up our sunglasses whenever we can!  Sunglasses give you the perfect plate to work from and you have so many options to customize them however fits your style.  We personally love this DIY flower sunglass tutorial.  It's a cute, festive way to spruce up those glasses and make you stand out from crowd on this beach.


Handmade DIY Towel Purse


Going to the beach can feel like moving out because of all the stuff you need to bring with you.  Reduce the amount of stuff you carry by trying this DIY purse that turns into a towel!  Best of all once you are done, just roll it up and you are on your way!

Cover up (pom pom)

Handmade DIY Beach Cover Up


Cover ups are an essential when you go to the beach and we just love this simple pom pom cover up!  It's almost a no-sew project (we are pretty sure you could make it into one!) and all you need is some fabric and pom poms.  This would be a great first DIY project to try with your friends before you head to the beach.

Clear protective bag

 Handmade DIY Clear Protective Bag


How many times have you jumped to protect your phone from water on the beach? Well forget doing that this year after you make this DIY clear protective bag to protect it!  This clear bag is a cute, simple way to protect all your valuables from getting wet or filled with sands while you play on the beach.

Foot sandals

Handmade DIY Pearl Beach Foot Sandals


You know how they say no shoe, no shirt, no service? Well on the beach it's the exact opposite! So if you still want to have something cute on your feet, why not try a pair of DIY foot sandals?  This are like little bracelets for your feet and they are so easy to make.  Add your favorite beads, sea shells, or even tassels to make your own unique pair!

Gypsy beach bag

Handmade DIY Tassel Beach Bag


What is a beach bag without some gypsy style on it? Turn that boring old beach bag into a DIY gypsy styled beach bag by adding some tassels!  But don’t limit yourself there.  Add pom poms, beads, and whatever else will make your bag as bright and beautiful as you!

So before you hit the beach this year make sure to get yourself ready with some of our favorite DIY Beach projects.  Don’t forget to collect some seashells!

What is your favorite beach DIY project that you have tried or want to try this year?

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