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Nov 03, 2016

Where Did the Statement Necklace Come From?

The Statement Necklace is an oversized, bold and otherwise attention-drawing necklace that brings eyes to the neckline. It differs from a normal necklace precisely because of its excessiveness and ability to be a centerpiece. This can be achieved by color, design, color or dangling pieces and beads. Designed to draw attention, they can be the perfect complement to a drab outfit or a finishing touch to an extravagant design.

The concept of statement jewelry is nothing new. Ancient Egyptians used the idea while decorating collar areas or wearing oversized earrings and rings. Hints of the modern form of the necklace can be seen throughout the decades as costume jewelry became a trend and as big pearl necklaces started to pop up in design. But the current statement necklace probably owes the 1970s a big thank you. The era of self-expression meshed perfectly with the need to have statement jewelry. Colorful and unique designs also made the trend to flight. This popularity continues today especially as individuality has become as important as ever.

The statement necklace can standout based on color depending on the backdrop of the clothing. Professional and black and white clothing can highlight gold or colorful necklaces.

Typically, statement necklaces can be made from plastics, alloy metals and solid gold meaning there is no set material for this type of fashion. This makes sense because the concept of statement jewelry means that it stand out from the rest of the outfit, so there are different materials depending on what the person is wearing. Sometimes, diamonds and other gemstones dangling from the neck is required. Other times an embellished plastic design is all it takes to stand out.

Common designs include gold and silver, but also layered gemstones that reach inches below the chain. Placed together, these stones can create patterns and glittery bold visuals. Other designs include braided embroidery with shells or other natural objects. And still other popular statement necklaces utilize repetitions of pearls or rows of other gemstones to scream elegance and class.



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