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Nov 07, 2016

The Birth of the Aurora Borealis Stone

One of the world’s most natural and beautiful experiences is seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) during a cool fall night. That same beauty inspired Aurora Borealis jewelry and if there is any way to capture the same spectacle and feel of nature’s vision, it’s in this stone.

Aurora Borealis jewelry is a rhinestone with a thin metallic coating, giving the rock a shine and reflective color because the coating refracts light – hence the name. Techniques used for the stone includes vaporizing metals, giving the illusion of a “rainbow in your jewelry.”

Originally introduced in the 1950s, Aurora Borealis was created by Manfred Swarovski in collaboration with Christine Dior’s desire to combine jewelry to complement her clothing. Swarovski rhinestones, known for its imagination and quality, have been used by pretty much every major costume-jewelry company in the world. In the early 1900s, the company was already on the forefront of crystals and fashion. The Swarovksi company began experimenting on crystals in an attempt to make colorful and fashionable rocks, but it wasn’t until 1955 (a couple years later) that the Aurora Borealis began to shine – literally and figuratively.

Swarovski experimented by vaporizing metals and meticulously coating every part of the stone to create a rainbow and reflective effect. Under the guidance of Dr. H Schmied, who developed metallic coating for optical lenses, Swarovski was able to recreate the concept for his crystals.

Success was instant and the Aurora Borealis was fashionable and trendy from its outset. It was popular in theatre and fashion, further merging the idea behind jewelry and fashion because of its pronounced color and texture, subtle shimmer and versatility. Because of its popularity, jewelry can be identified as post-1955 if they use the Aurora Borealis finish. Initially, this type of jewelry was reserved for the wealthy but as time went on, it has become more accessible.

Aurora Borealis still possesses the same elegance and charm of a half-century ago. There are full and half coated rocks, the latter allowing for a shimmer as well as showcasing the bead’s natural color to be seen. Full coated finishes have more striking finishes and give a shinier and sleeker feel.

The Aurora Borealis rock remains a wonderful vintage costume jewelry because of its origins, pronounced colors and uniqueness. Its natural flair works complements modern clothing just as well as it does 1950s styles because it is a bold and radiant rhinestone. The rock showcases the technique well whether it is an earring, necklace or ring. Representing 1940s jewelry, Aurora Borealis typically conjures up pre-World War II styles, so it can be seen as a lovely throwback (vintage costume jewelry) or signify high quality and higher end jewelry.

So if you’re looking for a high-end stone with a colorful and reflective finish that has stood the test of time, Aurora Borealis is a strong choice. It boasts the power and flair fit for theatre and the elegance to go along with high-end fashion.

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