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Jun 01, 2017

How Can I Recycle My Jewelry?

Sometimes we just need to do a cleanse and get rid of some stuff including our jewelry collections. As much as it hurts us to say it, it good to get rid of jewelry you don’t want or wear anymore so other people can enjoy them as well. But what’s the best way to recycle your jewelry? Well there isn’t just one way, there are many!

Sell high quality jewelry stores
If you are looking to get rid of your gold and sterling items, the best way is to sell them to jewelry stores or consignment shops. The stores will probably just send them away to be melted down, but at least you know they will be in the hands of people who care about jewelry and will know how to handle recycling them for you.

Thrift Stores
If you have a lot of costume jewelry that is still in good shape, consider giving them to a local thrift store. These stores are usually either small businesses or owned by local organizations like churches who rely on the income made from the store. A beautiful collection of jewelry is sure to make their shop stand out and they might even be willing to give a small payment for them!

Yard Sale
Spring and summer are the time of year yard sales are everywhere. Bag up your jewelry and put them out on display at your own yards sale or a community table. Make sure to price accordingly; you aren’t in a jewelry store so try to keep things under $1. If you are really trying to get rid of them consider having a flat price for all or doing a 5 for $1 sale.

Give to Charity
There are various charities that accept jewelry items. These charities will either resell them to help earn income or they will reuse them for things like weddings. My favorite charity is the Dress for Success charity which provides women with professional clothing and skill development tools to help them succeed in supporting themselves.

Sell Broken Pieces Online
If you have a lot of broken jewelry, don’t throw it away! Surprisingly there are a lot of artists out there looking for broken jewelry. Use sites like Etsy or Ebay to place a bulk listing of jewelry for a flat rate. You can fill up a flat rate box to cut down on shipping and you don’t have to worry about packaging because your pieces are already broken!

Use in Art Projects
If you are DIY-er consider using them in your DIY projects. There are tons (and me mean TONS) of DIY projects on Pinterest to give you ideas of how to reuse your jewelry. You can also take a look at our tutorials to give you some ideas!

So you see there are a lot of ways to recycle your jewelry rather than tossing it in the trash. We would rather just get another jewelry box, but if you feel the need to purge try to recycle or reuse those jewelry pieces and give them new life!

What’s your favorite way to recycle your jewelry?

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