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Nov 02, 2016

Fair Trade Jewelry Materials: Golden Grass

Golden grass grows in the northern parts of Brazil,  where grasslands are humid and the color of the grass  turns a natural gold. It is a rare plant which maintains its  shine and appeal after it is woven and spun into jewelry.  Because of its light weight, as compared to traditional  pieces of jewelry like stone and jewels, golden grass  jewelry is ideal for layering or for intricate necklaces,  bracelets and earrings.

The origins of the material transforming into golden grass jewelry started in the 1930s, starting as household objects. Today, the handicraft is sewn together, coils tightly wrapping and interweaving with more coils to create intricate designs. Due to its popularity in Brazil, harvesters have learned to produce the product during the optimal season yielding a durable and bright and vibrant strand of grass for every piece.

Golden grass jewelry is popular because of its flexibility. Strands can be woven together to create ornaments, durable bags, lightweight earrings and jewelry combined with other materials. It works as a standalone, where grass strands can be created in a round pattern to be used as a bracelet, simple and elegant. One other popular style or method is to combine bulks of coils together and weave them in zig-zags to create artful patterns. Beads or gemstones can accentuate the style, contrasting nicely with the golden background of the grass.

Golden grass also has the appeal of being a natural and organic look. People wearing bracelets or necklaces can show off a simple design; one that is inspired by history and elegant color rather than oversized and convoluted pattern. At the same time, golden grass can work in conjunction with other gemstones or materials producing a fantastic background for other pieces to shine.

Fair trade has been an issue for many farm workers around the world. Because golden grass stems from Brazil, it is a part of the social movement for the artists that create golden grass fair trade jewelry. There are organizations that ensure that golden grass craftsmen are provided hope and fair treatment by those that purchase their fair trade jewelry pieces. Golden grass jewelry is an excellent way to support local farmers and support fair treatment of families who live in poverty while still wearing stylish and trendy jewelry to complement a variety of outfits.




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