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Nov 08, 2016

Capiz Shell and Fair Trade Jewelry

Capiz shells, otherwise known as windowpane oysters, are a popular type of fair trade jewelry originating from Asia, particularly the Philippines. The oyster shells usually turn up in sandy shores and bays, deep in lagoons around India, Malaysia and the South China Sea. As such, they are widely seen in the Philippines and are often customized by handcrafters. Shell necklaces go well at the beach, but also for everyday accessorizing.

Capiz shells are polished and then finely cut to make beautiful items like wind chimes, tiles, lamp shades and even interior designs. So the material is naturally fit for display and aesthetic beauty. A fair trade item, these shells often show up as Capiz chips, which can be hand crafted for various shapes – hearts, butterflies and flowers etc. The smooth surface is also ideal for floor tiles because the shells are naturally flat as well and can grow to almost half a foot long. Because of the shells’ multi-functional use, they are Philippines’ leading exporting product.

More specific to jewelry, Capiz shells are amazingly fine Philippine handmade products. The abundance of the shells means that necklaces can feature unique designs and is an alternative way of making an all-natural fashion statement with a beautiful, oceanic design. They are inexpensive when compared to diamonds and other gemstones so they fit perfectly with casual and everyday clothing, a perfect fit for a more inexpensive, yet beautiful, design.

Imagination is the only limit to the type of shape and design of this windowpane oyster product. They make popular earrings because of the natural round shape and some manufacturers carve out the middle, giving it a hollow and oversized look. The shells can be transformed to reflect any color so they also make great necklaces, tribal jewelry and can be combined with other natural materials like wood and other shells. They are a great design for all ages and as a fair trade jewelry product, also ecofriendly, affordable and natural.



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