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Apr 14, 2017

Who Knew Vikings Had Such Fashion Sense!

I love when you stumble upon amazing artists.  Just when you think you have seen it all, people surprise you!  I stumbled upon Cameron from Celtic Sea Jewels the other day and was amazed by his talent in jewelry making.  He has an interesting story which brings more to his work.  He was a professional pianist who got cancer and became paralyzed because of the surgery.  He has to switch careers and decided on jewelry which I think he has a real knack for!  I pick some of my favorites to share below, but make sure to visit his IG page to see all his wonderful creations.

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Chakra Bracelets

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Bracelet

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Necklace

Now there are few things you can see he does with his pieces.  If you look at the top chakra bracelets you will notice he included viking weave at the ends.  Viking weaving is an old form of weaving that creates a circular form. I think it can be used for just about anything, but I’ve really come to love it in jewelry and you can see why!

You can get a better look at viking weaving from the image below. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be just wire since Cameron added beads through his strand here.  This would make a fabolous necklace!

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Necklace

He also used other weaving techniques to create different styles using his beading.  I like that he doesn’t just string beads onto a string and call it a day.  He adds the extra level of detail by creating patterns with his beads and wire which gives his pieces much more depth and interest.

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Bracelet

I love the bold color in this bracelet. The beads he chose almost look like they are glowing with the light hitting them.   It reminds me a little of fire and it shows off his wire weaving skills really well!

You can see below how well he has mastered his beaded technique.  These pearl and rhinestone flowers are to die for!

Unique Handmade Jewelry Viking Knit Flower Bracelet

Unique Handmade Jewelry Agate Bracelet

How awesome is this agate bracelet?  I know it doesn’t have any of his amazing viking weave work, but I just love the idea of using agate stones with open middles for a bracelet.  This is just a plain ol' beautiful piece of jewelry!

I think it is really inspiring that Cameron was able to overcome what he did and use his artistic talent to create beautiful, unique jewelry.  He has taken a traditional method of jewelry making and made it into modern jewelry any woman could pull off.  Great work Cameron! Keep on making!

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  • MArgaret on

    Amazing and stunning jewellery! Happy and proud to own a couple of his unique pieces -adore them !

  • Chris Pirie on

    What a nice article about an amazing person. I have seen his work up close and it is just captivating, and the Viking Weave is almost as beautiful to watch being made as the finished article. Very proud to call him a friend.


    Well done Cameron,you will be famous one day

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