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Mar 10, 2017

Whales and Unicorns Can Be Friends!

Sometimes you are looking for one thing and end up finding another.  That’s exactly what happened to me with Yoana, owner of Porcelain Creatures.  I was looking through pottery images and found this artist that creates dainty little porcelain animal pendants and was hooked!  Her work is amazing and she hand makes each and every pendant so they are literally one of a kind.  I’m a huge animal lover so I instantly fell in love with her work.  I picked a few of my favorite pieces below from her Instagram page which you should stop by when you get a chance!

The first of her pieces that I saw were these little unicorns.  I just loved the rainbow colors and it fit perfectly with unicorns.  She also has a few that have awesome chromed manes and tails for those of you who enjoy a more rocker glam look




Unique Jewelry Porcelain Rainbow Unicorns

My ultimate favorite of her pieces is this butterfly elephant duo.  Elephants are my favorite animals and seeing them created so perfectly in porcelain was amazing!  He looks like he is ready to take off with his little colorful buddy at any moment!

Unique Jewelry Porcelain Elephant

She also has these awesome mini whales with the most spectacular glaze.  When I first saw these on her Instagram, I commented and told her I thought that the glaze made them look lifelike.  The dimension in the colors and the shine from the glaze makes these little guys look like they were just plucked from the ocean.  I love the little details of gold patterns on their bellies!

Unique Jewelry Porcelain Whale Pendants

She also uses the same technique on her sloth necklaces which are adorable!  The way she has him created makes him look like he is trying to give you a hug!

Unique Jewelry Porcelain Sloth Necklace

Yoana also makes things that are not animals, but are just as amazing.  She has little eyes (here goes my evil eye obsession again!) and tiny Day of the Dead skulls.  The skulls are hand painted so each on looks different and since they are created by hand each has their own bone structure making each look like a completely different skull. I especially love the ones that have little rose headdresses!

Unique Jewelry Porcelain Eyeballs

Unique Jewelry Porcelain Day of the Dead Skulls


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