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Feb 24, 2017

Warrior Rings and Black Faced Moons

You know when you find an artist and every piece you see you're like “I love that” and then you see another one and you're like “I love that too!”.  Well that has been my experience with Tiana owner of Sacred Geometry. She is a self-taught silversmith making spectacular silver jewelry.  Her variety and skills are vast and all her pieces show her attention to detail.  After spending literally half my day browsing her Instagram and Etsy page, I picked some pieces to showcase here.

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Unique Jewelry Handmade Bone Pendant

That last one is actually an antler tip branded with a rune.  I can’t get over the ancient look of that pendant!  Just those 3 images can show you how many different designs she creates.  While I can see a slight Native American inspiration in some of her pieces, she has in no way limited herself to just that.

I’m all about the details and I love the moon detail on the side of this ring!  Not to mention the actual shape of the crystal is pretty amazing too!  I don’t think anyone would want to mess with you wearing a ring like that!

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Speaking of moons, check out this little hand carved black moon faces.  I like how small they are and how great they looked stacked together.  Imagine how surprised someone would be to look at your ring and see a small smiling face looking back!

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Tiana calls these her Warrior rings and I couldn’t agree more!  I’m really in love with the huge crescent moons in the middle.  Not sure if that is bone or another crystal, but the contrast against the turquoise was a great idea!

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Wait is that on opal? Yes, but it’s not just any opal…it’s a huge opal! You guys know I can never pass up an opal. Tiana did a great job highlighting the stone by placing it on a simple setting which is very unique itself.  I’ve seen rings with the opening in the front and it always reminds me of the Spartans for some reason.  Not really sure why but I love it!

Unique Jewelry Handmade Silver Rings

Tiana’s work is a great example of how expanding your trade and learning many designs can really showcase your talent.  We are loving your pieces Tiana, keep up the amazing work!

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