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Nov 11, 2016

Star Studded Bears and Mountain Range Pendants

Time for another amazing artist feature Wildlands Artistry!  I actually found this shop owned by Marissa Davis on Etsy and have kept up with her through Instagram.  Her favorite medium is ceramic pieces that she hand paints with water colors.  Her Etsy bio mentioned she is from Utah and has always had a love of the outdoors which inspires her pieces (hello my fellow nature lover!).

It’s very obvious that she gets her inspiration from the great outdoors by her subject choice and colors.  The best things about her pieces is that they are literally one of kind because handmakes the ceramic pieces and paints each one by hand.   Overall her designs are very unique.  You can definitely see her artist style in every piece she makes.  All the following pictures are from her Instagram page.

Her small animal pendants are by far my favorite!  It’s like getting to take your spirit animal with you everywhere.  I wish my spirit animal was this awesome unicorn or maybe one of these adorable elephants! 

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Unicorn Pendant

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Elephant Pendant

You’ll soon learn elephants are by far my favorite animal, but we won’t go down that rabbit hole…speaking of rabbits…

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Rabbit Pendant

She also tends to paint tribal and bohemian inspired patterns on pendants. I’m not sure if they are specific in any way, but they give the animals a little bit of character almost making them seem like they have personalities in a way. This little guy with a feather headdress is adorably cute!

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Bison Pendant

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Fox Pendant

She mainly has pendants, but she also has a few pairs of earrings.  I am absolutely in love with the Golden Fall Leaf earrings which are perfect with Thanksgiving coming up. The touches of gold on the edges really bring out the color and show her attention to detail.

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Leaf Earrings

I have also seen a ring on her Instagram which I absolutely loved! It had a beautiful night sky and mountain scene which she called Galaxy Mountain.  Hopefully she makes some more so we can snag them from her!

Unique Jewelry Ceramic Starry Mountain Ring

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