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Jan 17, 2017

Show Us Those Shark Teeth

I was clicking through my Instagram feed as usual this morning when a truly sad story came across my screen.  A lovely wire wrap artist Hannah tried to submit a piece to an auction and was told by the owner that her piece wasn’t “exceptional” or “one-of-a-kind” enough to be submitted.  While it’s always the right of an owner or art auctions to reject pieces, I can’t possible fathom how a handmade wire wrapped shark tooth pendant is not exceptional or one of a kind (her submission piece will be shown below and it’s definitely one of a kind!).  So, in the hopes to cheer up Hannah’s day, I decided to do an additional blog this week featuring her work.  Here’s to you Hannah!  As usual, I took all these pictures from her Instagram, MineralMomma, which is exceptional by the way!

The piece below is the one she submitted that was turned down.  Personally, I find this piece quite stunning and unique. I mean, who thinks to use a shark tooth as a center piece for a pendant!  The accent of the shell gives this piece a great ocean feel and was a clever idea instead of just using crystals for accents.  I also like how she did the wrapping which almost looks like waves crashing on the beach.

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants

You guys know how I love crystals.  I’ve gotten into quite a crystal obsession lately.  Sorry, not sorry!  Hannah uses some of the most stunning crystals I’ve seen and what’s better is that her wire wrapping just adds to their natural beauty.

 Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants


Love the blue stone in this piece! 

This one below is perfect because she used a very simple setting to highlight the stone.  It’s just enough to show off her talent, but not too much to overpower the stone.  The color kinda reminds me of Creamsicle a little bit too!

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants

And I found the opals!  You can’t hide an opal from me!  Even better, it’s in ring form!  I absolutely love the raw look of this piece and really dig the opals not being in settings.  It lets you get the full effect of the natural stones!

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Ring

Now pictures of wire wrapping can look great from afar and then when you get closer they get…messy.  But Hannah isn’t afraid to show off her wrapping techniques!  She posted an awesome super close up shot of one of her pieces and the image itself is a work of art!  You can see every little detail and how precise her work really is.

Unique Wire Wrap Jewelry Pendants

Wire wrapping is something I could never do.  I don’t have the patience for it!  But I can definitely appreciate the time and effort it takes to create stunning pieces like these.  And to you Hannah, we just want to say don’t give up.  Keep going, keep creating, and we will keep supporting you!

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  • Connie Melanson on

    Hanna, you are an awesome/talented artist. I love all the pieces you made for my family and I. I have gotten so many compliments.
    I need more!!!!!
    Mahalo mahalo. Aloha Connie

  • Cary on

    This is beautiful. I’m Hannahs mom and her biggest fan. Since she was about 12 she wanted a jewelry making class.. none around for her, when she moved to Australia at 17 on her own she needed extra money to survive and started wrapping more than before. Last year she really evolved and her new style bloomed. She comes to me with every piece at it’s completion and i help share it out.
    Thank you so much for your blog about her pieces. She shared it with me right away.
    We are grateful

  • steve on

    Thank you for writing this!

  • Irma Abbott on

    How amazing to read this blog! Thank you for taking the time to post it. I know Hannah personally and I just love what she is doing. She puts her heart and soul into anything she does and has had to fight every step of the way with her chosen craft of jewellery wrapping.. She is self-taught and her pieces have become more and more stunning over time. So good to see others appreciating her creations.

  • Hanna on

    This is so awesome you took the time for this, I really do appreciate it! So nice to see there’s still people who support all artists ?? You’re awesome savannah

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