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Apr 07, 2017

American Alchemy...the name says it all!

If you are looking for something a little off beat and mysterious have I found the artist for you!  Browsing through Instagram one day, I found Sam from American Alchemy (I think she used to be called Seagoat Silver) which is by far the coolest business name I’ve seen so far!  She is a metalsmith who makes amazing, wacky jewelry (wacky is good to us Sam!).  I picked some of her coolest pieces to share below.  All the pictures were taken from her Instagram which you need to go check out!

This first pendant I think is just spectacular!  The contrast of the flat circle mother of pearl with the pointy huge quartz crystal was an amazing idea.  It gives the pendant multiple points of focus not to mention that the mother of pearl looks like a beautiful full moon.

 Unique Jewelry Crystal Pendant

Unique Jewelry Wooden Coffin Rings

Yeah that’s a coffin ring.  Yes it’s made from real wood.  Yes it’s awesome as hell!

Unique Jewelry Crystal Pendant

Speaking of moons, I spotted this lovely crescent moon styled ring she created below.  The idea of creating depth with the oxidized silver and mother of pearl (I think it’s mother of pearl...) to create a crescent moon was very creative.  It almost makes you do a double take to figure out what’s creating that image.

 Unique Jewelry Mother of Pearl Crescent Moon Ring

Now you can really tell how talented an artist is by the details they put into their work.  The details in the following 2 rings is out of this world.  I mean, look at the little tiny legs on that spider! It amazing how realistic Sam was able to get this little guy. It would also be the perfect ring to play an April Fool’s joke on someone afraid of spiders too!

Unique Jewelry Spider Ring

Unique Ring Illuminati Triangle Ring

I love evil eye inspired jewelry and Sam created a lovely crystal pendant with what looks like a beautiful moonstone or quartz eye and crystal dangle. The braided bands around the circle part of the pendant was a great idea to add some texture around the smooth eye focal point.

Unique Jewelry Evil Eye Crystal Pendant

I’ve always been fascinated by artists that can create things so beautiful with nothing more than some metal, time, and talent.  I think it’s safe to say Sam has a lot of talent.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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