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Jan 13, 2017

Queen Elizabeth Isn't the Only One Who Can Pull Off a Collar

I have always wanted to wear the big bedazzled collars you see queens wear in the movies.  However it's not the most practical type of jewelry. Can you image trying to wear an outfit like Queen Elizabeth in the car!   But I recently found an artist that makes fashionable and bedazzled collars that would put those queens to shame!  Now I’ll warn you these are not for the minimalist of you out there. Cabrera, located in Massachusetts, makes fabulous large collar necklaces with all types of materials.  I picked my favorite from her pieces on Instagram to share with you below.

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Collar Necklace

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Collar Necklace

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Collar Necklace

Love the colors on this last one!

Do you see the colors on these necklaces?! While the last two are in a very common statement necklace style that is popular now, what I like about the first one is that it actually sits higher up creating a collar type effect you don’t see too much anymore.

This next piece is my ultimate favorite.  A gold lace collar which covers the shoulders and extends over the chest.  But wait, we aren’t done! It's also accented with 3 red stones and spikes. Just shut up and take my money!

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Lace Collar Necklace

Another lace color if you are more of a black fan.  The cameo gives this collar a very Victorian feel.  It would look great with a Steampunk outfit!

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Lace Collar Necklace

Not into lace? How about a phoenix? This necklace reminds of a phoenix with spread wings. I really like how she placed the stones in different positions to separate them without chains or cording of any type. Cleopatra would be jealous to not have this necklace!

Unique Jewelry Rhinestone Lace Collar Necklace

I have no words to describe the craftsmanship and patience it must have taken to make these pieces.  I love the collar style and I hope one day it becomes fashionable again so I can get away with wearing these pieces at the office!

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