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Jun 07, 2017

Our Favorite Unique Bullet Journal Layouts

Bullet Journals have become very popular in the craft world lately and it's easy to see why! With thousands of bullet journal ideas on Pinterest everyone is trying their hand at this creative release. I have even tried a few, and even started a Pinterest board for them too!

I love that everyone’s bullet journal has the ability to be completed unique. You can pick layouts that speak to you or even fill your journal all with quotes. There are no hard set rules to what you have to do!

As I said, there are literally thousands of different layout idea, blogs, and perfect journals on Pinterest so it can be hard to know where to start. I picked a few of the layouts that really spoke to me below. Maybe you will find one you like too!

Mood mandala

Bullet Journal Layout Mandala


This by far is my favorite bullet journal layout. I have seen the year in pixels layout which I thought was really clever, but turning that into a mandala is just a magical idea! Boho Berry has created a beautiful mandala image to capture her moods; its almost like an adult coloring book page!

Chore list

Bullet Journal Layout Chore List


We all hate doing chores, but maybe writing them down will help us do them right? Well probably not, but at least it will be a fun activity! Ever Ellis created this adorable chore list page complete with its own cleaning quote. This certainly will get you cleaing...or at least thinking about it!

Happy list

Bullet Journal Layout Happy List


Too often we forget how blessed we are, but this page from Passion Planner will help remind you of all the good things in life. This is a list of things that makes them happy, but I think it's a great way to also gather a list of what to be thankful for as well.

Travel log

Bullet Journal Layout Travel Map

We all love to travel at least a little right? My goal is to travel to all 50 states and this travel log from The Krafty Owl is a great way to track that journey! If you were really adventurous you could even have a world map too!

Quote page

Bullet Journal Layout Quote

I love reading and saving quotes. They are so motivating sometimes! This quote page from Samantha Broadhead is a super creative way to highlight your favorite quotes rather than just saving them on a Pinterest board.

Weight loss

Bullet Journal Layout Weight Loss Tracker

I have seen a lot of journal pages with measurements for weight loss, but I like this one best because it shows your progress really well. I don’t really care for the ones with the outlines of girls, because those girls are always your standard Disney shape (what about us curvy girls huh?). This graph by My Blue Sky Design is a beautiful snapshot of your weight loss and you could use this for either measurements or pounds lost.

Weekly planner

Bullet Journal Layout Weekly Planner

What is a bullet journal without a planner? There are tons of different ways to plan out your month, but I really enjoy the ones that have the mini calendar in them. It just gives you a really quick snapshot glance at where you are and what’s coming up. JournalPhine’s layout is super clean and includes some important elements like the mini calendar, notes section, and what looks like a meal tracker all in one page!

So as you can see there is really no right way to doing a bullet journal. Its whatever way you want to do it! Grab some pens and a book and journal away!

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