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Feb 20, 2017

Meet My Little Bunny

Its Love Your Pet Day!  I mean you should always love your pet, but now I have an excuse to share cute pictures!

Meet my little rabbit Alphie!  We adopted him from my cousin and he moved all the way from Pittsburgh to our home in Gettysburg.  Quite the trip for a rabbit!

He is over 5 years old and loves his hay which you probably guessed from his name.  When he was younger he had a stroke and now holds his head to the left sometimes, but I think it makes him look adorable!  We like to get him out to play and he will actually throw toys with you like a dog! 

There are so many funny and quirky things he does, but I picked a few here to share with you.

When he is either annoyed that we are in the living room or mad us (you know, for not giving him treats when he wants them), he will turn completely around and stare at us sideways.  I’ve never gotten so much sassy from a rabbit before!

Ever seen a rabbit sit like a dog before?  Well mine does!  When he is really super comfortable and happy he sits like this. How could you ever be mad at something this cute?

And apparently when we have him out he thinks I’m a play toy!

I’d love to see what kind of animals you have and what funny things they do!

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