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Jan 20, 2017

Let's Wear Leather Everything...Even Jewelry

Everyone likes leather right?  Its sexy, it’s fashionable, it lasts forever and looks even better with age.  I’ve seen a lot of things made from leather, but nothing as colorful and unique as the handmade jewelry from Mesa Designs.  She handmakes each piece by stamping designs into the leather and then painting and staining over top to create vibrant designs.  As usual, I had a hard time choosing which pieces to feature from Mesa’s Instagram page, but below are the few I was able to settle on.

Unique Jewelry Leather Earrings

How adorable are these little flower studs?

Unique Jewelry Leather Earrings

Unique Jewelry Leather Dreamcatcher Necklace


If you have never stamped leather before it might be hard to image the time and skill it took to create the design above.  Trust me, it takes a lot of skill and a steady hand to get designs as good as she has.  My father is a leather artist and I’ve heard him more than once shout a few inappropriate words when he screwed up!

This necklace probably took about 10 different stamps just itself!

 Unique Jewelry Leather Necklace

I think my favorite part of her designs are not the stamps, but the colors she adds afterwards. Most of the leather stamping I’ve seen just involves staining the leather in one stain color and calling it quits.  But she adds really colorful paints (I’m assuming it's paint) to her designs and that makes them pop!

Unique Jewelry Leather Earrings

Unique Jewelry Leather Earrings

She did the phases of the moon on these ones.  Pretty cool idea!

I just had to throw this on in there because it was different from everything else she has.  A pair of black leather scarabs.  How cool are these?

Unique Jewelry Leather Earrings

Side note: Scarabs apparently represent eternal life to the Egyptians and are still popular today in various cultures. Now you are ready for Jeopardy!

What’s really cool about these is that, just like with leather clothing, as these pieces wear they are going to look even better. And they will last a long time meaning you can hand them down to your kids as an heirloom piece.  Quite unique jewelry if I do say so!

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