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Jan 21, 2017

It's About to Get Squirrely Around Here!

We all know those little nut carrying creatures with those furry tails.  And today is their day!  Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!  In honor of all the furry little guys and gals I decided to share some of the funny stories that I have happened to me or my friends (mostly my friends!).

When I was in college we carved pumpkins one year for Halloween.  We put them outside on our balcony which was more like a walkway connecting all the apartments.  Being college students we forgot about them for quite a while.  One day my friends and I walked outside and saw this squirrel wobbling and jumping around all crazy.  We were trying to figure out if it was sick when we realized it had gotten to our pumpkins!  We left the pumpkins out so long they fermented and the poor little guy was drunk as a frat boy! 

One more story! We had friends that would come over to our apartment because it was the largest and near the dining halls.  One day our friend Corinne was walking down the steps when she saw a squirrel chilling in the outside hallway.  As a joke, she ran up to it trying to scare it away and chased it down the hall.  But when it got to the end, it turned around at which point Corinne stopped chasing it, and he began chasing her down the hallway!  Needless to say we were extremely confused when she came banging at our door yelling about a crazy squirrel!

What funny encounters have you had with squirrels?

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