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Nov 14, 2016

Handmade With Love from Italy

Let’s start this week off right with some bold, statement jewelry! I was browsing on Instagram last night instead of sleeping (we have all been there) and found some really unique jewelry from an Italian designer.  His name is Pietro Scialpi and his company is Sciarzisa.  At least I’m pretty sure that is the name of his business; I don’t speak Italian very well...or at all for that matter!

Anyway, his design’s are something you would see on New York Fashion Week’s runway.  They are fashionable, bold, and definitely unique.  These pieces are not for the faint of heart!  As usual, I pulled the pictures below from his Instagram although picking only a few was definitely hard!


Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace

Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace

I mean seriously these pieces are fantastic!  I’m all about feathers and the blue feather collar is such a unique piece.  You can tell he pays attention to the details because he added the extra row of neon green beads to give the collar line some structure and create a solid line that is completely different from the asymmetrical lines of the feathers.  It really gives this piece a polished, thought out look.

And take a look at the bead word on this necklace.  That must have taken literally days to put together!  It reminds me a little of sea coral because of his choice of colors and texture which are out of this world on this piece.

Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace

He also has these super artists geometric metal necklaces that I absolutely am in love with!  These would take a seriously fierce attitude to pull off, but they are so unique!  The silver one below even has some spikes.  I mean you can image the look on your boss’s face if you walked in wearing this? Look out, Lady Boss in the house (wow, did I really just say that?)

Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace

 Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace

And can we just talk about the fact that he models some of his own necklaces?  I seriously respect any man that can pull off a necklace with studs and metal tassels.  Kudos Pietro, serious kudos.

Unique Jewlery Italian Statement Necklace


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