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Jul 21, 2017

Handmade Jewelry to Make Your Hippie Soul Dance

So my hippie soul definitely skipped a beat when I first discovered this amazingly talented jewelry artist, Ariana Victoria.  Moons, rain clouds, and turquoise galore. I didn’t know what to look at first!  Ariana is a silversmith making some of the best bohemian, hippie inspired jewelry I have seen to date.  I literally could not get of her Instagram page for about an hour! Her work below is from her Instagram page, and are some of my favorites from her very large collection.   

Unique Handmade Jewelry Moon Child

This is the first image I saw what I came across Ariana’s work and I knew right away I was going to love just about everything she had! The difference in textures, the quote, and of course the sparkles and pink hair just solidified everything! I mean it even has dainty tassels!

Unique Handmade Jewelry Crystal Moon Ring and Earrings

I though this piece was created by Ariana, but it is actually one her fellow artist Mackenzie's work. I couldn't not share this though because I love this set!  I nicknamed this one crystal moon(hope you don't mind Mackenzie!) because the design reminds me of the way crystals grow.  I love how she kepy the top portion very simple letting the opal moon really shine through.

Unique Handmade Jewelry Crystal Moon Ring

Now this is how you stack a ring! The color choice of each stone was very well done by Ariana.  It created a lovely ombre look guiding your eye through the ring and down to those delicious looking raspberries.  And using the textured crystals on the 2 larger crystals really brings them together and makes it look like they came from the same stone almost.

Unique Handmade Jewelry Oval Crystal Necklaces

Sometimes you just have to let a crystal do its thing like they are in these pendants! Those are some pretty impressive crystals and adding the little bit of detail to the bottoms gives them some balance.  I have to say the middle one with tassels is definitely my favorite.  These would be sure to turn some heads!

Unique Handmade Jewelry Witch Crystal Necklaces

Unique Handmade Jewelry Witch Crystal Necklaces

I’m definitely more of a 60’s witch, but I am digging the 80s withc too! Her line of witch necklaces is amazing!  She has a different witch hand symbol for each decade and I think these are so fun.  Witch one are you...see what I did there?

Unique Handmade Jewelry Quote Crystal Necklace

What I love about her work is that her pieces are not so much beautiful pieces of jewelry, but also mini works of collage art.  It's like getting to wear all those inspiring quotes from Pinterest around your neck!

Unique Handmade Jewelry Moon Quote Necklace

When you get a really good look at her jewelry you can tell just how detailed they are. I can’t image how long it takes to make each piece, but you can tell that she spends the time to make all the details shine.  Ariana did a great job on this piece using 3 different types of metal as well as crystals.  This pieces has got it all going on!

Did I not tell you her work was amazing! Make sure to go to her Instagram page and show her some love...and maybe spend an hour on it like I did! Your hippie soul will thank you!

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