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Nov 25, 2016

Getting Inspired For Christmas

Sometimes we forget that there are amazing cultures out there that people have kept alive for generations.  That is what Merok Designs is doing with their handmade Sami Bracelets.

A quick history lesson, Sami bracelets were created by a Scandinavia nomadic tribe called the Sami who herd reindeer (yes I said reindeer, not they aren’t elves).  They have a very colorful culture with a love of weaved ribbons and embroidery thus the style of the Sami Bracelets.  The pictures below are a few of my favorites from Merok Design's Instagram page.

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets

Merok Designs has definitely taken the idea of weaving to heart as all of their pieces contain some type of intricate weaving combined with a variety of patterns.  They have also gone the extra step and added personal touches such as small silver balls or gold toned weavings to create a modern twist on the Sami bracelet.

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets

These weavings are then attached to pieces of leather to create the final bracelets.  I just love the different patterns that they have created on their pieces.  They are subtle, but you can tell that these unique pieces took a lot of time to craft.

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets

I really like the ones on the color leather backings. This type of jewelry is great for all types of people from someone who likes different cultures or for a trendy teenager. They are also great for stacking to create your wide bangle style which you can see in the top picture.


Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Bracelets


And if bracelets weren’t enough for you, they also make rings!  My favorite is the one of the left; I just love the details in that ring.

Unique Jewelry Handmade Sami Rings

Its great to see an artist taking traditional methods of making jewelry and transforming them into modern day designs that we can appreciate today.  


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