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Dec 05, 2016

Evil Eyes and Butterfly Wings

Everyone once in awhile we need to wear something just large and bold right? Well for me that’s every day, but you know what I mean! Anyway, Taneisa from The Opaque Creations creates wonderful crystal and nature inspired jewelry that I fell in love with the second I saw them.  I found her through Instagram which is also where I got the following pictures (I might have liked a bunch of them too...don’t judge me!)

This pendant is actually the first picture I saw from her and I just loved the combination.  I’m not sure if the white stone is supposed to be Buffalo Turquoise, but it reminds me of it for sure.  What I really liked about this pendant was the transparent red stones at the bottom.  Her holding it up to the natural light really shows how vibrant the stones are and it’s a great comparison against the top stone which is completely solid.




Unique Jewelry White and Red Crystal Pendant

She mentioned on her website that she has a love of crystals and the effects they can have on people.  She uses a lot of interesting crystals and stones you don’t see in many pieces of jewelry.  The settings she puts her pieces are very unique as well.  They have an ancient feel like something you would find in a dust covered chest or jewelry box somewhere.  I love it!


Unique Jewelry White and Red Crystal Pendant

Her choice of photo backgrounds is awesome.  You can really she her personal style show through in her images.

Unique Jewelry Purple Crystal Pendant

And there are some opal stones too! Now I’m sold; we know how much I love opals!  I am really digging the eye pendant.  The opal stone she used as the eyes pupil makes it seem like its actually alive.


Unique Jewelry Opal Evil Eye Crystal Pendant

Unique Jewelry Opal Crystal Pendant

Unique Jewelry Opal Bat Crystal Pendant

She also uses other materials than just crystals.  She has some unique rectangle pendants with preserved butterfly wings and flower which she collects herself.  

Unique Jewelry Butterfly Wing and Crystal Pendants

You can tell by her pieces that she truly enjoys what she does and is constantly thinking of new, unique designs.  I love to see an artist that has found their passion and is able to share it with the rest of us!  Keep inspiring us Taneisa!

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  • Taneisa~ The Opaque on

    I can’t believe how kind the words you wrote about my work and I are. I am completely honored and most certainly blushing a little! Thank you so much!!!

    Love & Light,

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