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Mar 24, 2017

Does that Clock Even Work?

You know I’m all about repurposing anything I can so when I found Blue Pendulum I was super excited!  Blue Pendulum is a company located in Winnipeg, Canada that makes jewelry from...wait for it….clock parts!  Now don’t think it’s all steampunk styled jewelry (although there is nothing wrong with steampunk!).  They have taken clockwork parts and make modern, sophisticated jewelry pieces for both men and women.  I can honestly say it was pretty difficult for me to pick favorites, but below are a few that I couldn’t help but share with you from their Instagram page!  You seriously need to see some of the things they create!

Unique Jewelry Ring made from Clock Gears

Unique Jewelry Necklace made from Clock Gears

I am in love with that ring!  I love the triangle shape and the recessed gears. It such a unique style that you don’t really see anymore and it has a bit of ancient air about it.  Some of the pieces inside are so small I’m not sure how they didn’t lose them putting it all together!

Unique Jewelry Earrings made from Clock Gears

Unique Jewelry Bracelet made from Clock Gears

What’s really neat about their pieces is that sometimes they just use the whole inside of a watch to make jewelry like the bracelet and earrings above.  If you have never seen the inside of a watch, you should know they are like little pieces of art themselves. And if you look closely at the bracelet you will see small pink circles in certain parts; that's actually ruby.  Ruby is very strong, stronger than metal in some cases, and is used in watches for areas that take a lot of stress.

I also think they did a fantastic job of creating a lot of geometry within their pieces.  They have pieces with sharp lines that create definition between the metal and main clockwork parts, but then they also add the circle gears creating even more contrast.  I love the layering these pieces have!

Unique Jewelry Earrings made from Clock Gears

Unique Jewelry Necklace made from Clock Gears

In some of their pieces they have even added little details like the gold flakes at the bottom of the pair on the left.  I like those added touches because it gives the pieces a modern look, but still holds true to the artistic vision they created with the clockwork parts.

Unique Jewelry Earrings made from Clock Gears

I think the best thing about this company is that by looking at their Instagram you can see how their style changed as they learned more about making these pieces.  It always awesome to be able to see an artist’s journey through their artwork!

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