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Nov 10, 2016

Did Someone Say Geometric Jewelry?

A while back I found this artist on Etsy called Anne Tranholm and was captured by her used of shrink plastic in her jewelry.  She hand draws all her own designs and then prints them on shrink plastic to make geometric, colorful jewelry! A can I just say that her photography skill are amazing!  All these photos are from her Instagram account and I love the composition!

Beyond the fact that her drawings skills are on point, she also has taken the DIY shrink jewelry we all see on Pinterest and made it into something that people can wear in everyday life! Let’s say I’m a little jealous.  My attempt as “use your salad container for a shrink plastic pendant” didn’t turn out as good as hers!

 Unique Jewelry from Shrink PlasticUnique Jewelry from Shrink PlasticUnique Jewelry from Shrink Plastic

What I really like about her unique jewelry pieces is the colors.  She uses a variety of colors and alternates between shading and solid colors in her pieces giving each a distinct style.  The shaded pieces have a softer, lighter look while the bold solid colors really catch your eye!  Some of these pieces like the ones below feel like something I would see an art curator wearing in a gallery.

 Unique Jewelry from Shrink Plastic

Unique Jewelry from Shrink Plastic

And if these amazing pieces aren’t your style she has second collection of jewelry repurposed skateboards.  What?!? Who comes up with this stuff?  For this collection she collaborated with Adrian Martinus to create unique color and sustainable jewelry.

 Unique Jewelry from Recycled Skateboards

Unique Jewelry from Recycled Skateboards

Unique Jewelry from Recycled Skateboards

I just can’t get over the colors.  The layering of different woods and colors helps add a natural, but modern pop to these pieces.  You can still tell these are her designs by the geometric style and color choices.  Just spectacular!

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