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Mar 03, 2017

Deserts and Dinosaurs are All You Need

 If I ever visited the West (a long time dream of mine) I would imagine everyone wearing jewelry like that from Studio Wild Roses.  The owner, Sarah, is a “silversmith extraordinaire” according to her Instagram and we couldn’t agree more!  She has a variety of different styles with a unique Western inspired flair which probably comes from her living in Los Angeles.  I browsed through her Instagram page for oh yeah know like 10 hours, but found a few of her most unique pieces to share here!  You should really check out her page to get the full scope on her creations though! Spoiler alert...she has dinosaur inspired pieces too!

 Unique Jewelry Silver Turquoise Pendants

While I love all 3 of these, the middle one is my favorite.  The shape reminds of a bird with spread wings.  It has a very Native American inspired look to me!

 Unique Jewelry Silver Turquoise Flower Pendant

Unique Jewelry Large Silver Wide Onyx Necklace

She has a few of those large wide pendants which I just love!  I see a lot of big single crystal pendants or rings, but have seen very few wide pendants like the ones she created.

This piece is one of the most extraordinary pieces I have ever seen! The depth in this pieces is quite amazing and the image has such a depth to it.  She used a crystal (I think a geode?) with an open center and then added a desert scene to the middle. It was such a unique idea and it looks like you have a little piece of artwork around your neck!

Unique Jewelry Geode Silver Desert Pendant

This isn’t the only scene she has created.  She also has other desert scenes where she used just her silversmithing skills to create the scene like the beautiful cacti (that’s the proper term right?) earrings below.  She was also clever enough to use a crystal as the sky color for one of her pendants.  Doesn’t it look like a setting desert sun sky?

Unique Jewelry Silver Cactus Earrings

Unique Jewelry Silver Crystal Desert Pendant

Are deserts scenes not really your style? How about dinosaurs? Yeah, I said dinosaurs!  Sarah makes these simple, but awesomely adorable dinosaur crystal cutout pendants.  The crystal is layered behind the cutout and her choice in crystal makes them look like they are little fossilized dinos. I just love this idea and it’s so different from everything else she created!

Unique Jewelry Silver Dinosaur Pendants

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