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May 05, 2017

Cuteness Overload Oh My!

If you aren’t into over the top, off the scale, adorable pins then just click away now. Ok, for all you anime, cuteness lovers check out these adorable pin sets from Texas located Becky of The Pink Samurai. She designs the most adorable little pins covered in pinks and glitter and her favorite theme...cats! I’m not usually a cute jewelry person, but these pins just make me smile! I tried to pick the cutest ones from her Instagram, but it's filled with many more if you want to check them out!

Handmade Enamel Cat Pin

Handmade Enamel Unicorn Pin
That cat holding the cookie really speaks to my soul….is that too deep? But seriously I love her mix of cute and funny pin ideas. It really brightens up your day! And just look at that little unicorn! If I saw a unicorn in real life I expect it would look like that….with maybe a little more glitter.

Handmade Enamel Cat Pin

I first saw her little cat tree during Christmas. I love the idea of the little kitties being like ornaments, but what it really makes me think of is a cat hiding in the tree waiting to attack those horrible, horrible rainbow christmas lights!

And this cat saucer pin is literally “out of this world”. See what I did there? It's a super cute idea and even has a little buddy being abducted by his fellow brethren.

Handmade Enamel Cat Pin

Look! A unicorn and a cat had a baby! It's like the Fabio of cats...

Handmade Enamel Cat Pin

Not everything she does is cat related. She has some adorable little ice cream dinosaurs as well. I’m just waiting to see a chocolate dipped velociraptor and I’m sold!

Handmade Enamel Dino Pin

I just saw a little while ago that she started a line of earrings as well. And I bet you can guess what they are..cats! It's always great to see an artist growing and expanding their business with new ideas.

Handmade Enamel Cat Earrings

I love The Pink Samurai because she has taken the adorableness of anime and turned it into a pin I can feel proud to wear on my leather jacket. You don’t mess with the girl with the pizza cat pin!

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