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Nov 08, 2016

Crystals and Opals and Bears Oh My!

Who doesn’t love a good crystal jewelry piece? If I had my way (and a lot more money!) I’d have a whole chest full!

Aside from the fact that some believe certain crystals can help you in a variety of ways, we just think they look great with every outfit.  They have a rough, natural look that definitely stands out in a crowd.

I was browsing through Instagram this morning checking out some unique handmade jewelry pictures when I came across Katelyn Q from KQ Jewelry Designs and started salivating over my phone. Ok, not really salivating. More like graciously drooling…can you graciously drool?

Take a look at some of her amazing wire and metal wrapped crystal pieces. All pictures are from her Instagram page.  I would definitely classify these as unique jewelry pieces and her artistic touches are beautiful! 



Blue and White Unique Handmade Crystal Pendants

Cat and Opal Crystal Unique Handmade Pendants

Talk about some crystal action! She uses genuine stones of all kind and even has a One-of-a-Kind Section.  Sign us up!  I love how she molds her metals around the stone rather than trying to shape the stone.  This really brings out the uniqueness in each piece and shows off the natural, spiky look crystals tend to have.

And who doesn’t love some opal action (yes I like to put “action” after everything).  Anything opal colored is generally my favorite.  Its bright, it’s unique (literally no opal will ever have the same pattern), and you can wear it with everything! These crystals are not actually opal (more like aurora borealis), but you get the idea.

Opal Crystals

Crystal Opal Unique Handmade Pendant

So thank you Katelyn for starting this Tuesday off right! Your handmade jewelry pieces are amazing and very unique!

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