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Jan 06, 2017

Clay Isn't Just for Art Class Anymore

The first time I looked at a clay bead I wasn’t sure what exactly it was. I think the texture is what threw me off.  I had a similar feeling when I looked at Tootzzi’s handmade jewelry until it struck me, “It’s clay!”.  What’s so amazing about using clay is the amount of patterns you can make and you can never really make the same pattern twice.  You will see from the pictures taken from Tootzzi’s Instagram page, that you have much more freedom to create designs than with just about any other material.

I really love this first pair of earrings not only because of the amazing pattern, but the layering of gold on top.  It’s refreshing to the eye to see the gold on the earrings to break up the pattern a bit and give it an extra added dimension.

Unique Jewelry Clay Earrings

They do similar things with other earrings and the contrast of this blue pair with the rose gold accent is amazing! The indent in between the colors helps separate them, but you barely notice it.  Way better than a wobbly paint line!  I think it’s the small things like that which really make a piece of jewelry stand apart and show that an artist is thinking about their pieces.

Unique Jewelry Clay Earrings

And if you are into mismatched earrings, which seems to have become popular lately, they have that too!  They keep the design simple so it's not overbearing, but these earrings are something you could wear to the office without getting completely stared at.  I love the dalmatian glaze look!

Unique Jewelry Clay Earrings

And if you're wondering, yes, Tootzzi’s makes more than just earrings.  They have bracelets, necklaces, and rings (yes please!).  I have to say my favorite is their neon yellow bracelets.  The designs on all these handmade jewelry pieces is simple, but so different that it’s unlike anything else.

Unique Jewelry Clay Bracelets

This is the one! Doesn’t the neon yellow give this piece a super unique look?


Unique Jewelry Clay Rings

Unique Jewelry Clay Necklace

Unique Jewelry Clay Necklace

I think it's great for people to take simple materials like clay and transform them into things we never thought of.  Looks like I’ll be trying to make clay beads this weekend!

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  • TOOTZZI on

    Wow…how blessed am I?!? So flattered that my work caught your eye and left an impression good enough to share to the masses. Thank you doesn’t seem to cut it!

    My mother is a clay artist (@bellyfirepottery) so I guess you could call it genetics…I yearn to create things with my hands, it brings me great peace and happiness. I love what I do and that’s creating unique pieces of jewellery and accessories that aren’t you’re “everyday” kind of thing, and that people can genuinely enjoy buying something that no one else has…it’s exclusive, unique…it’s one of a kind.

    So thanks again Savanna for your love and support, it makes my world go around xx

    Melinda (aka Tootz)

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