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Apr 28, 2017

African Handmade Jewelry for a Cause

I have always been fascinated by the handmade beaded jewelry from the tribes of Africa. I was surprised to learn that different tribes use different patterns and colors.  Usually I don’t see too much African inspired jewelry on my Instagram feed, but Rossleaf Accessories has completely change that!  They have amazing hand beaded jewelry with tons of colors and patterns all reminiscent the amazing culture of Africa.  I picked a few of their pieces from their collection to feature here, but you can see all their work on their Instagram feed.

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

Now these necklaces are certainly not something that you are going to miss!   It's amazing how these are made from the tiniest seed beads.  I can’t imagine how long these take to make.  All their jewelry is handmade by women from Kenya that Rossleaf works directly with.  I love how they created something with such pop and power from such small, dainty beads.

Talking about a huge amount of patience, take a look at this long blue strand necklace.  There must be hundreds of strands of beads all working together to create an amazing look.  I love the added addition of the brass colored plate at the top as well which contrasts the texture of the beads really well.

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

I cannot get over the pattern on this 3 tiered necklace!  The lime color really catches your eye.  It really reminds me of how artistically talented artisans can be and how even a simple material like beads can be turned into a work of art.  These necklaces look like they would be worn by an African queen!

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Necklaces

How amazing is this white beaded necklace? Now this is a statement necklace!  I love the mix of the pure white beads with the rainbow accents on each of the circle pendants. You don’t really see any beaded jewelry that has white as the main color and it definitely makes this piece stand out.  It's certainly a necklace that will turn heads!

Looking for something to go with that necklace? They also have colorful handbeaded earrings and bracelets.  I have to say, their earrings are simply amazing! I hear those yellow ones calling my name.

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Earrings

Unique Handmade Jewelry African Beaded Bracelets


And what makes this business even better is that they are focused on helping African women and providing education to them.  The owner is from Uradi village in Africa and offers a scholarship to young women in the village who have performed very well in school, but cannot finish high school because of finances. It’s such a great story!

It's always fantastic to see jewelry inspired by other cultures especially one as rich in history and colorful as Africa. It really makes you appreciate the traditions of other people and reminds you how small you really are in this great big world.

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