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Oct 21, 2016

10 Unique Things to Repurposed into Jewelry

In a world surrounded by cheap mass produced products, it can be tempting to just throw everything away and get a new one.  However, with a little creative thinking you can save some of those things from the landfill and turn them into conversation starting jewelry!


Don’t throw out those worn out leather purses or jackets!  They can be repurposed into bracelets. Cut strips of leather, braid them, and add beads of your choice for a customized look!  You could also braid in your favorite colored ribbon or add some chains for more rocker inspired look.


Pencil stubs can be carved and turned into pendants or earrings.  Use your initials or simple shapes like hearts or stars to start out.  Color pencils would make for some colorful jewelry!

Fishing Lures

Not only fish are attracted to the colorful lures in the fishing aisle.  Use new lures or old ones with some history to make earrings.  Just make sure to take off the hooks first!  Add some crystal beads to give your earrings some flash.


The great thing about Legos is you can create anything you want! Make some playful earrings or string together and make a chunky bracelet. You could even make a pair of earrings with your favorite Lego characters; we vote for Start Wars!

Game Pieces

Instead of throwing away old game pieces that may have lost their match, turn them into jewelry!  Old game pieces like Monopoly board pieces, dice, or puzzle pieces can be made into charms or earrings.  You could also spruce up your Vegas outfit with some poker chip jewelry.

Vintage Christmas Lights

Vintage Christmas lights come in some amazing colors and styles.  If you find a few lights that don’t work anymore, repurpose them into pendants or earrings.  Add some Christmas colored crystals or beads and you have a great addition to your ugly sweater outfit!

Technology Parts

Have a tech geek in the family? Turn those old motherboards or broken cellphones into jewelry your geek will love!  Use wires for braided bracelets or computer keys for personalized pieces.  If your geek is more of a gamer, used broken game controller buttons for rings, earrings, or pendants!


Take those zippers off ripped clothes you plan to throw away and use them to make some funky jewelry.  Zippers can be shaped into any form and sewn to make the perfect bracelet or necklace. Add some rhinestones for a bedazzled look!


You can use more than just the strings from a guitar to make jewelry.  Use the fret board and even the body to make custom wooden designs for earrings and necklaces.  Acoustic guitars will probably work best as they are usually hollow with thinner wood which is easier to cut.

Vintage TV Tubes

Old TVs from the 1940s until about the 1990s used what is commonly called TV tubes.  These tubes came in various sizes and are very unique looking.  While we wouldn’t suggest using the larger ones, there are many small sized TV tubes that you could use for jewelry making.  Add some beads and you have a repurposed set of earrings or pendant with a  Steampunk style.

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